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Satisfaction Raise Challenges
to Employers

This is Susan Grant, president of Winguth Grant & Company.  Because we have met, I wanted to share an exciting new service I’m providing to all my business colleagues. It's a free quarterly newsletter, entitled “Recruiting and Retaining.”  I hope you will enjoy receiving these, as they are filled with useful, interesting items and tips. They will all be short, to the point, and will take less than a minute to read. On alternating months each quarter, I’ll share brief quotes and comments related to hiring and keeping key people.

This first newsletter will summarize employment market trends as well as some of the topics we’ll cover in the coming months. 

In accordance to national email guidelines, I am asking you to please respond to this email if you are willing to remain in my database.  Until I hear from you that you do not wish to continue receiving my newsletters, they will continue to arrive and I trust you will not think of them as spam.  

Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions of topics you would like to hear more about.

-Susan Grant

Job Growth Forecast and Job Satisfaction Raise Challenges to Employers

The next six months will be times of continued growth in hiring, say nearly three in four executive search professionals.  “Given the rate at which the employment market has tightened during the past three years, it is safe to say the war for talent won’t be taking a vacation this summer, “ says Mark Anderson, president of ExecuNet, a networking organization for senior level executives. The result is that the market is generating more opportunities, bigger paychecks, and some unique challenges.  With increased hiring demand, nearly half the executives surveyed for the Executive Job Market Intelligence Report indicated that they were dissatisfied with their current jobs. Usually, limited advancement opportunities and lack of personal growth were cited as the reasons for their frustration.  And when they land their next job, they expect almost a 20% increase in compensation. 

This means that if companies are considering bringing in new executives (or trying to keep the good ones they already have), they will need to focus on and address key causes for executive dissatisfaction.  

In upcoming newsletters, we’ll cover such topics as: evaluating what characteristics and skills to hire for; drawing out information from a candidate that will help you decide if s/he is the one for you; making the hiring decision; determining the pay package components; assimilating the new executive successfully; finding and working effectively with search firms. As I mentioned in my introduction, I would be happy to hear about other topics of interest to you. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch!


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