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Most of our business comes from referrals or from repeat clients.

Here's why!


Jerry Hurwitz,

J&J Air Conditioning

I have enjoyed dealing with you since the first time that Michael introduced us. I immediately liked you and had a sense that I was dealing with a sincere, conscientious person. You have kept your commitments every step of the way. I was also very impressed with how you handled the reference checks, and I thought that your interviewing was much better than what I would have done. The best part is that JR is truly a qualified candidate. 

It is a pleasure to deal with someone who carries out what they promise. Thank you for your work.

Jim Weyhrauch,

CEO of Nambe´

I would like to give you a review of the process of placing our new President and COO. I felt you were very responsive to our urgent timing to begin the process. As you know, we began in search for a COO. But the talent you quickly brought to the table was excellent and made us re think what would be best for our organization. I believe you brought together a range of talents, which was helpful in doing comparisons. We couldn't stay as focused as we did without your preliminary work preparing, reworking, repairing and redoing the job profile and candidates characteristics. You played an important role in helping me solidify the candidate in my mind by sorting and filtering the various inputs from the Board and key executives.

Once the visits began, your team was very responsive and helpful. Your preliminary review was pretty much dead on. We were able to narrow it down to a rising star and a seasoned vet. You easily gained my trust which made this process run so quickly and smoothly.

Omur Tasar

Vice President, Engineering
MS2, Inc.

Our VP of Team Services and I did a search for Director of Quality and Release Engineering. We were not very clear in the beginning with our job specification and went down some wrong alleys. Susan was patient and guiding in the process. With her help we were clear about ranking our requirements. Susan not only found an excellent resource for us, but she also was a great sales person on behalf of MS2. I look forward to working with her again and recommend her to my colleagues.

Mark Fackler

Stellcom Technologies

"I would absolutely use you again. Your placement is a tremendous asset to us!"

Paul J. Coughlin, Jr.
Grisanti, Galef & Goldress
It has been my pleasure to do business with Winguth Grant & Company, specifically Susan Grant, over the past 4 years. During that time we have collaborated on two CEO searches. The process and the outcomes were outstanding.

I particularly liked the Success Profile that we developed with the search committee. That way, we were all working off the same specifications. Susan's research team was adept at finding appropriate candidates, and no one is better than Susan at getting prospects to open about themselves and their aspirations.

Equally important, Susan is an excellent judge of people. With her guidance and steady counsel, excellent candidates were selected for these senior positions. As a partner in the firm of Grisanti, Galef & Goldress, I serve as a interim CEO for our client owners. I have engaged in many searches for senior officers, and none have proved to be more professional or successful than those conducted with Susan's firm.

I unqualifiedly recommend her and her firm.

Bonnie Jones

Vice President, Human Resources

"You communicated with me! I liked you all very much and you deal with the candidates so well."

Mark Rakic

Staffing Director

I wanted to congratulate you for another win - these are hard to fill opportunities, even for the best exec recruiters!

Rick Airaudi

COO for Liquid Credit Team, Fair Isaac and Company

"I have been recruited several times in my career, as well as participated in comprehensive management assessment processes conducted by organizational psychologists. The interview conducted by Susan Grant during the recruitment process for my current position was among the most thorough, rigorous, and professional I have experienced. Susan did an excellent job in fitting my skills and interests with those of the hiring company."

Hedley Lawson

Vice President Human Resources, QuantumShift, Inc.

"Winguth, Grant and Donahue provide a unique blend of exceptional talent, industry-specific knowledge, comprehensive search strategies, and customer knowledge and relations. Their commitment to the "best fit" candidate for their client results in a superior long-term value proposition and relationship."

Bob Soto


WGD stood out head and shoulders over other search firms we have worked with. They are a closely-knit group, professional and clearly interested in providing the best solution for the company.

They invested time in understanding the company business model, talking with key executives for perspective, then citing examples of different client problems and their solutions to help us clarify what we were looking for. In a tough e-business employment market, WGD was persistent in find the right candidate for us.

Mike Carnahan

VP, Operations

We are obviously very happy to have him on board. Thank you for the excellent work that your firm did. We have a premier candidate here that everyone is going to be happy with.

Karen Hansen

HR Business Partner, Staffing -
Mentor Graphics Corporatio

As far as why I call you, I would say it is because you listen well and have good insight into Mentor and the challenges we face as a company. You also know the cast of characters and are very perceptive when it comes to determining a good fit.

You are honest and at the same time not afraid to admit when things have not been handled well, adjusting to our needs as a client. Your candidate pool is broad and deep and your response time and attention to detail is excellent.

You also present a genuineness that is not easy to find in folks who do what you do.

Bill Estrada

Director of Staffing,

"Working with Patrick and Susan was a delightful experience. They came in, reviewed our requirements and unique job specs, asked insightful questions, and very quickly found the perfect candidate for the new corporate eCommerce marketing model we installed. I look forward to working with them again. "

Theodore R.

Berger Metal

"I would highly recommend your company to anyone in need of executive search services. In fact, I’ve already done so!

"Your team was excellent: very professional, but never lost sight of the human aspects."

Larry Read

Oil Changers


"Winguth, Grant & Donahue are very thorough. They do a great job of finding the right fit for the right environment.

"WGD is a very professional firm. They maintain a good screening process, and I am pleased with the work they have done for us. I would definitely use them again."

Dick Eppel


"I tend to stay with people that I can trust, and I provide references on that basis. I like to deal with professional service firms who are customer focussed, and that is how I would describe Winguth Grant & Donahue.

"They filled the positions we needed to fill, and we gained some great people. I could suggest no improvements - there was never a point in which I was dissatisfied. We worked closely together, and maintained a very close relationship.

"Finding the right candidate is a lot like finding the right spouse -- the wrong chemistry and someone who is not the right fit will ultimately cost you a lot of money. Winguth Grant & Donahue finds the person who is the right fit.

"We would use Winguth Grant & Donahue again, and have done repeat business with them. I have also given them referral business."

Sam Cardinale

Kendall Jackson

"As a client and a potential candidate of your firm, I am aware of the time and effort you put into being a partner in my business. You learn the pluses and minuses of a company and organization and present this in such a way that clients have all the information necessary to make informed decisions. I have found that your firm is equally committed to the technical as well as interpersonal fit for the job. In addition I have learned that you complete your part of the search regardless of the 'foot dragging' that may happen on the client company side.

"This firm is the best I have dealt with in my career in Human Resources. Their partnering, honesty, integrity and delivery have always met, and often exceeded, my requirements. In addition, I am impressed with their ability and willingness to remember candidates goals and desires over a long period of time. This shows me that your candidates are more than 'a person seeking a job!' This is why you will always be my first choice when my organization has a need to be filled."

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