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When companies undergo rapid growth or encounter shifting markets, we help them search for exceptional talent to complement their existing team.

We strengthen a client’s competitive advantage by recruiting executives who will enhance their organizational culture and make a significant impact on the success of the business.


Help you to define your requirements.

Strategize, research, and scour the market.

Use trusted local and multinational colleagues when needed.

Thoroughly evaluate and reference the candidates to ensure the right fit.

Complete the search and fill the position on time and in budget.

Ensure success on the job or replacement without additional fee.

Advise and counsel objectively and with integrity.

Provide a competitive cost/benefits ratio of real value.


These are integral to our Search Methodology

CEOs have recommended us for inclusion in The Executive Committee (TEC) data bank as outstanding or preferred consultants. Our clients range from start-ups to companies with over $1 billion in revenues. Our firm has completed assignments for clients in the rapidly expanding markets of Europe and Asia. We have included a few testimonials, which attest to the trust clients place in our firm.

We find high impact people for key functions. The Operations and Technical functions represent a third of our total searches, and General Management and Marketing and Sales searches make up over half of our practice. MIS, Finance and Human Resources searches account for the balance.

It has been necessary to replace only eleven candidates in our last 550 searches. In practice since the 1970s, almost all of our clients have prospered. This is, in part, because 98 percent of our hired candidates are evaluated as "successful" at the end of the first year. The Client's Role is a critical one in such an undertaking.

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