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A client plays a very important role in the recruitment process. There are several responsibilities, which the client must accept to ensure a more successful search. These include:


Provide the information and relevant documents (e.g., financial data and organization plans) to ensure that the searcher understands the history, structure, operations, and goals of the company.

Clearly inform the searcher about matters relevant to the search which should be kept confidential.

Keep the searcher informed of any changes in matters which might affect the requirements, such as a pending acquisition or divestiture, reorganization, etc.

Provide timely feedback to the searcher regarding information, recommendations, and candidates presented.

Promptly schedule interviews with promising candidates as though they were a "most valued customer."

Provide suitable information to candidates, which will enable them to make their career decision.

Make the decision on whom to hire. Your searcher can identify and recommend, but it is your organization the candidate will be joining.

Prepare the "insiders" before hiring an "outsider" and concentrate on making the hired individual an "insider" very quickly.

By doing the above, you and your search firm will have worked mutually to ensure the success of the search and performance on the job.

Contact all candidates who were considered, but not selected, to maintain a favorable impression of your organization and of ours.

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