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This section contains various articles related to executive search. We will post new articles occasionally.

Do's and Dont's of Downsizing - Opens as pdf

Companies that use layoffs to "reposition" perform better than those that use layoffs to manage quarterly earnings.

The Case for Diversity - Opens as pdf

As the fabric of America's populations becomes more diverse and business goes global, CEOs need to embrace progressive recruiting strategies.

How a Company Improved Sales Force Recruiting and Retention While Cutting Costs

This article discusses a way to improve retention by recruiting only the kind of person most likely to succeed.

M&A: Plugging the Brain Drain - Opens as pdf

The rapid pace of M&A activity in the biomedical industry is likely to continue--along with an accompanying shortage of qualified people to fill the industry's needs.When merger negotiations focus on physical assets, real estate, and product portfolios and give short shrift to people issues, critical intangible assets such as intellectual capital can get lost in the shuffle.


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